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Alright so here's a warning. I'm probably going to be updating and editing this as I remember things in the coming days/ check videos etc and remember exactly what happened. I went with some friends and I know one got some fairly comprehensive videos of the event.

Also, I'm really sorry! I was supposed to be tweeting throughout the event (and they didn't tell me not to!) but my phone suddenly went from nearly a full battery to in the red zone meaning I could only get a few tweets out before it basically died completely :/ it's never done this before and I've only had it maybe 2 months so I might have to get it looked at. So because of this I don't have the backing of my tweets to write this report and so it probably won't be a comprehensive as I would like... because my memory is horrible.

At this moment I'm editing some stuff in I just remembered so you might want to hit refresh soon to see it...

Edits after the first post are marked by ***

Alright let's start off with this: 2-3 days before the event I received an e-mail from Stephen Kim saying that my question (that I submitted with my ticket request) had been chosen to possibly be answered by Jin. When I got to the event I was told by staff that this meant I would be put somewhere in the audience BUT my friends could still sit with me (but they opted to go to the front row to get an unobstructed view of the screen. I'm very glad for this bc they means they got better videos and pictures lol). The other 5 who were chosen were then put off to the side then taken up to the event room and spread out throughout the venue.

Before this though we had like 10 minutes to talk so of course we exchanged questions. They went, I think.

Mine (courtesy of Rupsie): How do you feel when fans bombard you with opinions on your music and music videos?
Do you feel you've been accepted, musically, in the US so far?
Are you looking forward to your upcoming tour?
Who specifically are your musical influences?
How has recording in the US been?
And... Will you sing Eternal at the upcoming US tour?

Alright so we were scattered around (some freaking out more than others and all trying to comfort each other in case we had to stand up etc. One girl was quite worried... and I was too tbh I mean I'm the clumsiest thing out there).

Oh... I forgot when everyone was let into the room they were given a postcard-sized card with a picture of Jin and the message, "Let's xxxx this World together!! Hope '2012' will be the best for you!! ~Jin Akanishi 2012.01.07" and was signed by him. On the back is a year calendar with his handwriting his birthday circled and written off to the side, “Jin Akanishi 1984.07.04” and the date of, “My first US album 2012.03.07” circled and written in.

While we were waiting we had a stream of the Yokohama stadium filling up and them playing music like it was a club, which was at least very entertaining for a while.

The show opened up with clips of the activities Jin has been doing for the past few months playing along with a song with heavy bass. The super heavy bass might’ve just been an issue on our side of the ocean though. You couldn’t hear the singing really at all but they eventually fixed it. It sounded like Jin but I can’t be sure because they fixed the issue shortly after it ended. But I love heavy bass so I was perfectly happy lol.

Then Jin showed up and sang Test Drive. He was wearing a brilliantly tailored suit jacket complete with contrasting colour pocket detailing). I think it was a dark grey with white accents but some of the colour effects might’ve skewed that a bit. He was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt underneath and moderately baggy jeans that weren’t completely torn up/hideous. He had a long necklace on but I never quite figured out which one it was. And complete with a light-coloured(?) fedora that had a band of something glittered/sparkled around where it met the rim. His hair was still curly and sticking out from the hat… and I must say his skin was looking ridiculously nice today.

I must say, I already liked Test Drive previously but hearing him sing it live made it even better really.

Then he moved onto Eternal and everyone in LA screamed at the opening notes. Just as he was about to start singing the smoke-machine began running but it was so strong that he started coughing and he had to ask that the music be stopped. He quickly apologized to the audience and I believe (they hadn’t started translating it in real-time at this point and my Japanese is not about 5-6 months out of practice) “I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done this and in the mean-time I’ve become like an old person.” Don’t quote me on that though, like I said I’m extremely out of practice (my health forced me to stop taking my Japanese lessons after all).

Then he prepared to sing again but apparently though it was too boring because then nothing happened. He asked for them to do something cool the next time!

So he prepared to sing again and just as he was about to start the flame-throwers at the front of the stage burst up into the air. Jin was apparently not anticipating this and threw himself back from the centre of the stage, freaking out.

The next time they finally got it right and Jin made it through the song, beautifully of course. He always sings quite emotionally during Eternal. Though at the end of the song they put on the pyrotechnics again (I think, I can’t quite remember clearly atm) to freak him out.

Alright so I’m trying to remember exactly what order stuff happened in so from this point on I might get the chain of events wrong. I think I remember most of what happened… but I can’t remember the order…

They discussed a few different things. Jin introduced his co-MC Dave (who for all of us was a disembodied voice, but apparently he’s a…… DJ? I can’t remember but I think that’s what he is. I think he’s from the US and he speaks both Japanese and English).

He said usually because he’s so nervous about doing MCs alone he calls up all his friends to try and get them to come make an appearance. He specifically mentioned trying to get Ryo to come (which elicited a lot of cheers) but then told us once things quieted down that Ryo apparently was too busy and couldn’t make it. So today he had Dave (who had been responding during the Eternal opening mishaps and kind of teasing him) who helped spur him on during MCs. ***He then promised that from now on he'll study how to do a proper MC so he can do better for his fans.

They discussed Jin’s time in the US, the sorts of food he ate etc. Apparently, he likes going to Gonpachi, which is a restaurant in Torrance California (which is like… south-eastern LA-county if memory serves...). There are a few in Japan (iirc) including Roppongi I think?, which explains why he asked the audience if they were familiar with the restaurant. He mentions they serve an… sake shot that he knows (probably from experience) that if you drink 5 or more (or was it more than 5?) you’ll get very… very sick.

He also apparently ate at In n’ Out often-ish enough. Which for those of you who don’t know, is a US-west coast fast-food burger chain that started in California. They’re lauded as the best fast food burgers (all my classmates for years and years now will swear by it. Though I don’t agree, I prefer Steak and Shake xp but that’s neither here nor there atm) but they’re also known for using locally supplied beef and healthier options… and having the tiniest menu ever. I guess it’s one of those things you’re supposed to try if you come to California so I’m not surprised he mentioned it.

Dave asked Jin what the last movie he saw was which was, "Time" (I think that's the name, I'm too tired to think things through again). Everyone was confused until he said something like, "That guy, Justin Timberlake was in it!" which is when everyone figured out what he was talking about lol

***They spoke about Jin's role in 47 Ronin. Dave asked him what was the differences between doing a movie in Japan (BANDAGE) and working on a Hollywood production. Jin said he was shocked he had even received the part etc etc. Then he said that it was odd, to him, that meals were strictly scheduled (like an hour break where everyone would eat) because in japan people would just sort of eat in an unscheduled fashion in Japan based on what they were doing. Also that everyone had their own specific trailers and that there were so many that it was easy to get confused and walk into another person's trailer. Dave asked if he'd ever walked into Keanu's trailer, to which Jin replied, "No Keanu's trailer was different looking so you could easily tell the difference and not make that mistake." They discussed his character, Oishi Chikara and how Keanu's character is an outcast and Chikara is the only one who sort of understands him and accepts him etc. Jin mentioned not to think of the movie in terms of the Japanese incident/tale because it doesn't necessarily follow the story (example: Keanu's character) and it's more of a fantasy etc.

They spoke about Sun Burns Down a bit and what it means. Jin said, “It’s about having sex until the sun burns down”. He then asked the audience, “Are you all enjoying a lot of sex? Or are you not because your husbands can’t get it up?” or something vaguely along those lines. Yes, he did ask that.

Sun Burns Down eventually started and everyone in the LA room stood to dance etc. It sounds like a really great song and I believe the lyrics go like… “Let’s make love until the sun burns down” I might be slightly wrong on that one. I also think I heard, “I have supernatural plans for you” but… everyone sorted of started screaming around that point so I can’t be sure if I was just making up shit at that point.

Overall I really, really like Sun Burns Down and can’t wait to hear a clearer version of it!

I think this is when we went onto another MC portion and the questions portions? Now were told 3-4 US questions would be asked to be answered but it turns out they were only doing 2. So they introduced the LA-site to the Yokohama stadium and P.K. spoke to Jin and we cheered for a bit.

We all kept laughing though because t we could hear what was going on at the stadium and they could hear what was going on with us. There was also a slight lag so we kept rehearing everything.

Anyway! Jin picked a piece of paper from a black box and the first question was chosen and the girl who asked it stood up and was on camera for a bit. He read the names and questions himself. This first one was, “How is recording in LA?” which he said he loved it etc.

At this point apparently they were having issues viewing/receiving the feed in Japan. But they chose the next question which a girl asked, “Who are your musical influences?”. At this point the feed sort of cut out and they were trying to figure it out…

Jin said in the midst of the confusion in actually extremely exquisite English with a  great accent, “I don’t know what the fuck is going on…” which even though they were having trouble seeing and hearing us, we saw and heard it loud and clear.

But he did give his answer, which surprise, surprise he answered, “Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Michael Jackson.”

He then moved onto the Japanese questions and almost every question/every other question Jin had to ask Dave/the audience how to read the name because of the kanji on the list. Though there was one toward the end that everyone had a bit of trouble with.

I can’t remember all of the questions but one of the early ones was, “Why do you always wear a hat and sunglasses?”. He took up a very serious pose and whatnot while responding to this one. I assume because he gets poked and asked about it all the damn time. He responded that because they make him feel safe and relieved. When he’s nervous he needs that extra bit of protection from everyone’s eyes. He then said something like, “How would you feel if you were always asked/told, ‘take off your bras!’? I imagine it’s sort of like that bit of extra comfort and protection from exposure to others.” I’m paraphrasing this btw because I can’t remember exactly what he said/how the woman translated it/how it went. But basically he equated his sunglasses and hats to making him feel better under the scrutiny of tons of stares and how it makes him nervous when people constantly tell him/ask him to take them off when he’s uncomfortable etc. He also said, “Please don’t think I’m insane because I do this!”.

I’m having trouble remembering the other questions, I’m sorry! Someone asked what sort of things he did in LA when he was free, but since they’d already sort of covered it they skipped it so they could get to more questions.

***Alright someone asked, "Why do you always lose weight when you go to the US?" to which he answered: in the US you have the main dish and then sides, like french fries, etc, and the sides can be bigger than the main dish. The huge portions sort of put his appetite off so he always ate less while in the US. Then when he goes to Japan he eats so much because his appetite isn't thrown off and he gains weight. He said since returning to Japan he's gained 3 kilos already.

***He was asked, "What do you do when bad things happen etc./when you feel down?" to which he replied was drink, A LOT. He emphasized a lot over and over. Not surprising. He also mentioned that when he's drunk he becomes, personality-wise, very bright and LOUD. So before he has concerts he does a shot of usually vodka to help amp himself up. But last time he took a shot of really expensive gin instead of his usual and it made him extremely sick so he didn't do it this time.

Someone asked what he thinks one of the most important aspects of writing music/lyrics is. They discussed how Jin enjoys writing his own lyrics and how he loves collaborations but he doesn’t always want to be writing things that someone else wrote. He finally answered, “Time” as the answer… then took it back after some confusion and answered, “feelings” quickly before moving on.

That reminds me. Dave sprung a question on Jin, and even he seemed quite shocked for a few moments. “Why did you decide to go solo?” They discussed it a bit but all I really remember if them talking about writing lyrics (I think) and that sometimes he still doesn’t feel like he’s gone solo and that from the beginning KAT-TUN was very focused on individuals and individual talents and that this just happened to be the way his path went. And they discussed the merits of being solo vs. being in a group. And once again he reiterated that when you’re in a group your fellow members can cover for you when you make a mistake etc (and he said, “like with that smoke issue earlier”) and that he’s now lost that. I honestly can’t remember what he quoted as being the merits/downsides of being a solo artist. This actually might’ve been when he mentioned that he still sometimes didn’t feel like he was a solo artist.

Uuuh… someone asked him if he prefers hard ume to soft ume. To which he answered that if he wants to eat them by themselves (not with something) he prefers the hard umeboshi but if he’s being paired with something he prefers the soft ones.

***Someone asked, "What do you think of baby-faced girls?" and he answered fairly quickly, ”They're fine/good I think." or something along those lines.

***I think he was asked why he spent so much time in the US...? (this might've been Dave prompting this) To which he said last year it just kind of happened that way. When he received his role in 47 Ronin he had to be out of Japan for 5 months and he'd already been planning his album so he had to leave for that reason as well... but that his base will always be Japan and he doesn't plan to truly be based anywhere else, even though he wants to go worldwide. He also said/joked at one point that he might as well not waste the cost of tickets to the US and spend time there when he goes.

What else… what else… this is out of order but the last question that he managed to pick was once again, “Why do you always wear sunglasses and hats?” to which he was like “/sigh I already got this one!” but he took the same stance as before and quickly reiterated his key points, “it makes me feel safe/relieved when I’m nervous”.

ALRIGHT! So I can’t remember the other questions that were asked BUT if I can remember/find out from my friends I will edit them into this report in a separate colour/marked in some way! Sorry, I’m honestly amazed I remembered this much already! I usually would have tweeted a ton so that I could remember exactly what happened while doing the report but my phone died, so that wasn’t possible.

Let’s see, what else what else. They discussed the upcoming releases and what dates they are. I’m sure you guys all know those so I won’t repeat them again.

He then brought up Seasons and how he was going to sing it for us but FIRST he had a special treat for us which was footage of him and Katrina-chan which hadn’t been released on the DVD etc. Basically it started with Katrina saying hi to the camera and, “We’re waiting for Jin, he’s late!” she’s so cute… Jin then showed up and was like “I’m sorry I’m sorry, I ran into some trouble… well I had trouble waking up actually.” Then he turned to Katrina and was like “Do I get a hug?” which she hesitated, I think jokingly?, before they hugged cutely. Basically it showed some clips between them. Jin and Katrina kind of swaying/dancing together while he hand her hands and them playing a bit of football/soccer-esque games together. Them fooling around and Jin picking her up etc.

Basically it was far too cute for words and I wish we got to see more. Jin then began performing Seasons however this is of course when our feed began to cut out. It was constantly skipping and pausing. The feed had run perfectly the whole time (at least on our end) and of course it’d be now that it cut out. Jin then thanked everyone and it was announced there was a treat for those who had attended.

Dave mistakenly called it a handshake event but Jin corrected him and basically he’d be seeing off everyone who had attended the Yokohama event and asked that, “they wave good bye to him” as they left.

He left the stage and another woman came out to announce some things and this is when our translator made her appearance in our room. She thanked us all for coming, told us that Jin had specifically wanted to set up the live-stream for fans to enjoy, and then she announced the concert tour (even though it was all around twitter by this point).

She told us the tour dates (which I’m sure you can find but if you want me to edit them in I guess I could?) and that people who attended the live-stream would get an e-mail within the next week or so discussing how we’ll have the chance to have pre-sale tickets for the tour etc.

At this point everyone was leaving Yokohama St. and so we headed out.

Sadly they weren’t selling goods etc so the girls and I left the building then went to our cars.

***I can't remember exactly where these fit in: they asked what he wanted to do when he went back to Japan. Which he immediately responded with "massage" and then amended with, "just a normal massage! NOTHING WEIRD!". He was also asked what surprised him the most when he returned to Japan and he couldn't think of anything after stalling for a bit but then said, "The huge McDonalds in Roppongi." And then Dave asked about what surprised him about the states. Which he then went on a long rambling explanation about getting credit cards in the US. About getting a credit score and paying on time etc. improves your score and that you have to do it all alone, which is apparently different from how it works in Japan...

We also probably missed parts of what he said as well. My Japanese is a bit precarious because I'm out of practice... plus the translator was trying to keep up with him and occasionally would have to speak over his feed and probably missed translating quite a few lines, so check a lot of different repos (English and Japanese ones/translated Japanese ones) if you want a good idea of what happened! If I get a chance I'll post up links to my friends photos and videos!

I'm sorry for all the constant edits! Whenever I hit "Post"/"Save Entry" I remember something else ^^;

*** I thought I'd post this up. I attended the event with [ profile] chuengsujun and she has her videos and pictures up here: click♥. I'm sure all of you have found any videos/etc. you want but I figured I'd go ahead and link this here ^^

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