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Alright so I'll probably be writing this in odd random bursts as I remember so don't expect much coherency from me, as always. Though I know Mec is expecting some epic typos because I'm using Swype for this. At some point Swype put “Beijing” instead of whatever I wanted to say and now I have no idea what I was talking about. I’m also really sorry about the long delay in getting this up. I’m currently preparing my apartment to be left for a few months and getting things ready to take home as well.

I drove up to LA and meet Mec around 11 which after a brief gathering of things (and looking up of directions) we headed over to Club Nokia. Checked the queue to find some people were already there but we made a quick Starbucks run for some iced coffees and baked treats.

I believe we got there around noon so we had about 6 hours of waiting ahead of us. Jae joined us a couple hours after we joined the queue and we had tons of fun talking and entertaining each other in the queue. It was great to meet you Jae

We signed a few cards and a poster that was going around congratulating him on his marriage and etc. whilst waiting in line. After ages of being in line I was able to go and grab our VIP passes for after the concert. We garnered a lot of attention with them from people asking what they were for or who congratulated us on being able to actually snag a few.

This time instead of getting the put wrist bands inside we received them at the front of the line, which was rather nice actually. Last time it was set up so you had to rush to the pit, get a wristband there and then get concert goods etc. Of course there was the mad dash to get through the metal detectors and bag check even with the wristbands done ahead of time. Of course with all my jewelry I had to be wanded really quickly to be checked for metal etc.

We ended up second from the front so we were about 5-6 feet from the stage. The girl in front of me was really sweet and offered to put our bags down with theirs in a safer spot so we wouldn’t have to hang onto them. She also asked me at some point if I could see the stage alright and congratulated me on getting the VIP passes. We also had a quick conversation in Japanese about how I found out about Jin, because I’m obviously not fully Japanese/from Japan, so I guess a lot of Japanese fans are curious about how foreign fans discover Jpop artists and what they like about them.

We stood around for about an hour while everyone was brought in and checked during which we started making friends with the girls around us. It turns out the two girls behind us (one of whom just added me on LJ) were from my home-city/town.

Finally, Joseph Vincent came out as the opening act. He told us that he had met Jin, of course, and that he's super nice. He sang a medley of Adele, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, and possibly a few other songs. He sang two songs he wrote: Single Awareness Day and one other that escapes me at the moment. The crowd absolutely adored him, especially the two girls from SD behind us. We egged him on to chug his water bottle, which he later regretted, and then he threw a t-shirt into the audience.

He asked whoever caught it to come up to the stage because, "every girl deserves to be serenaded." She had some issues finding her way back. A few people told her to go find Jin while she was backstage. He sang, with the help of the audience, "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys, of course. Someone then asked him to throw the nearly finished water bottle, which he did but of course said, "I don't know why anyone would want a used water bottle," or something along those lines. I'm rather inclined to agree with him.

After he left some stagehands came to sort out some things. The Hustle was playing so the girl behind us said, "do the hustle for us" to which he replied, "I can't hustle!". But he was a good sport and did a short dance for us.

The music while we were waiting was... Interesting. Remixed Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, The Jackson Five, The Bee Gees, etc.

Jin then came out and started off with Sun Burns Down. The top half of his outfit was quite nice, however the bottom half left much to be desired. On top he wore a leather jacket with a white t-shirt that had a skull with a monocle and top hat. He had a white scarf and these odd drawstring pants that had a crotch that started around his knees. They also moved down a tiny bit after some moving around stage and whatnot.

Second song was Tell Me Where. Guys were on one side and girls were on the other. Great song live but somehow I was really surprised that it came that quickly in the set-list. I honestly thought it’d be in the latter half of the show, for some reason.

He called out, "what up, LA" and then asked us to be louder before repeating it to get us all to ruin our vocal chords some more.

Worth noting: his wedding band was on full and quite obvious display the whole concert. It was one of the first things we all noticed in our little pocket by the stage. Or at least, it was one of the first things I noticed.

Body Talk came next with the usual set up. Jin belting the song out while molesting the mic stand with two dancers performing a sensual ballet-esque ish dance.

Like You was up next, I believe, accompanied by full hand movements of flipping the bird, peace signs, and mock high fives.

Pin Dom came up and the girls behind me were fully anticipating the hip shaking and dancing bit.

15 minute interval came up next and I agree with Mec. The whole thing seemed rather rushed and disorganized. I suppose it's not horribly surprising considering how he's been flying back and forth and they haven't had much prep time, or so it seems.

When he came back it was with a costume change! He was wearing a pair of dark wash jeans which were actually a normal cut for men and not horribly baggy for once! They were also lacking tears and patches as well. What I didn't notice immediately was the fact he was committing the double denim crime that he is so fond of. On top was a denim jacket/shirt of some sort that had me cringing in conjunction with the jeans... Jin, for the sake of my sanity PLEASE STOP WEARING DOUBLE DENIM. It kills me a little bit on the inside each time.

Either way, he performed That's What She Said next which I, of course, was not pleased about but we were so close to the speakers or something that the bass was heavy enough to distract from the lyrics.

At this point there were the female dancers I stage dressed in shiny, leather leotards and floral, black tights or fishnets depending on the girl. They had red scarves that they were using for bondage-esque moves and they worked on "tying" up one of the girls during strobe light portions. Then Jin came out on stage and they repeated this with him. I believe this is also the song where he came out into the stage partway through with a cup of either booze or water, with what looked like a sprig of mint or something inside lol. He proceeded to then drink it at an appropriate time in the song. (note: Mec can’t remember when this happened. I know he had a drink on stage that he chugged at some point but it might’ve been TWSS or Pin Dom.)

Aphrodisiac came up next. Every concert of his seems to have him on a throne/central chair of some sort at some point. Anyway, one of the girls used her red scarf to dab at his face a bit to clean away sweat I suppose. They gave him a fedora and pimped out walking sick and the other girls had similar items whilst they danced. Apparently he threw the hat into the audience, but I missed this happening but vaguely recall hearing tons of screaming and missing something. He really seemed to enjoy singing the song and everything had a bit more energy after this, I think. I mean, he looked really tired but things were a bit more upbeat, assisted probably by the songs.

Treat Drive started up next which definitely had the most of the audience singing along yet. He always seemed so pleased when the audience sang along so please, continue to make even more noise at the other shows everyone!

Test Drive was when bras were thrown up on stage. He didn't really react but he also had his sunglasses on so maybe his eyes were buying out and we couldn't tell. He also stepped on a pink one at some point. Luckily he didn't trip on any of them.

While the lights were out between songs a stagehand quickly got the bras off the stage. There were only 3 so it wasn’t too difficult, I imagine.

Yellow Gold's opening started up, garnering huge screams of course. It’s always a brilliant song to hear live and definitely one of my favorites live.

Oowah was very upbeat and all the dancers were laughing and smiling a ton while dancing and playing around with him. It’s always such a cute song to see performed and it will always make me think of when I used to daydream during Japanese classes in high school. (Total tangent but from my Japanese classroom in HS you could see the ocean on a clear day so sometimes I used to kind of check-out and daydream while staring ^^;)

Prophet came out and rapped and I totally recognized the song at the time but I kind of forgot what it was… but it’s really popular and on the radio all the time now, if that helps at all. If I remember it (because sometimes I just randomly use I<3 to listen to the radio) I’ll edit it in but I doubt anyone really cares that much.

He then asked us to make some noise to get Jin back out here and if we wanted him to freestyle with Prophet. So the audience screamed until he came out. Jin kept acting like he was about to start rapping and going up to Prophet challengingly before dropping back and asking us to wait a minute. This went on for a bit until he finally collapsed to sit on the stage with a hand to his forehead and admitted, “I don’t rap!” in a rather pitiful voice lol.

Prophet announced that instead they would perform California Rock for us next. As Mec mentioned, Prophet and Jin do seem to get along well which makes sense considering how Jin just suddenly asked a friend to do the rap for CR.

If you want more commentary on the dancers’ outfits go to Mec’s fan-repo because she has a much better memory about that/wrote it down compared to me. Prophet called out that it was ok for us to dance and the audience was dancing a fair bit and then they all started jumping up and down on the stage etc. Most of the Pit audience, where Mec, Jae, and I were, joined in with the jumping and dancing. I almost lost an earring while jumping and flailing about like an idiot, lol. Luckily I grabbed the snake earring before it went flying out or I would’ve been pissed, tbh. 

Jin told us that was the last song and the whole audience made appropriate noises of protest and whatnot and he apologized to us and reconfirmed that it was the last song. He “introduced” us to his his dancers but this was really only the dancers taking a bow together and he never told us their names. He then left the stage after thanking us again, if I remember right, and immediately the audience began calling for an encore! 

This went on for a couple of minutes until the curtains opened back up to Jin on stage with the mic-stand. The opening tune of Seasons began to play and everyone began cheering. It was absolutely gorgeous and hearing Seasons live was amazing. It was just him on the stage with the audience just moving back and forth to the song  

Now Mec said that the glowstick thing happened as the curtains were closing on Seasons but for some reason I feel like it happened during the first curtain close after California Rock. I only say this because I feel like he had his arm around Prophet when the glowstick went up. 

So basically to sum up: the girls behind us had a glow stick which they tossed up on stage towards him. He looked quite shocked and completely unsure as to how to react but the curtains closed before anything could really happen. 

Anyway, as the curtains were closing after Seasons he told us, “I love you” twice and then gave a quiet, “Sayounara” just as they finally closed completely. 

We spotted a shirt hanging off the edge of the stage right in front of us as people began to filter out of the pit. I have no idea when it got there because it definitely wasn’t there during the Seasons performance. It said, “Please take care of our beloved Meisa” and I’m fairly certain it said “our” (as in the fans) but I may be wrong, Mec was confirming this with me too. 

The show was pretty short, especially compared to his others but I imagine that was because they had to make time between the end and his flight for the Meet and Greet. We were told that his flight was leaving soon so they didn’t budget that much time for the LA Meet and Greet. 

We had VIP Meet and Greet passes (thank you LA fan-screening <3) so we were ushered off to the side, against the wall, while we waited for everyone to leave the building and I guess for Jin to change and get cleaned up. They checked us in and recorded names etc. in order and who was with whom so they could send the digital pictures to the right people. Oh they then came around with post-it notes and had us write down what name we wanted him to write on our posters. 

Sky Hoffman walked by at some point, which I only recognized him because I’ve met him once or twice before and have a picture with him somewhere on my laptop from the Y&J concerts ages ago. The dancers were also walking by at this point as well. 

Jin came out to a high bar table so he could stand and sign posters etc. while meeting the M&G people. While signing one of the first posters for a fan Jin looked over and began counting, in English if I’m not mistaken, all the M&G people which he found to be 30 people.  

When he first walked out my first reaction was, “He’s wearing the Harry Potter glasses from that grandpa-Harry Potter photo shoot” which got some laughs out of mec. She reckoned that he looked like a student studying for his exams which I admitted that he kind of did. I tend to just throw on a hoodie/sweatshirt and wear my glasses everywhere when I’m studying for finals. His hair is permed again, just so you know lol. He was wearing a zipped up black hoodie as well and what was probably a v-neck shirt underneath because you couldn’t’ see the collar of a shirt even though it wasn’t fully zipped up.

Oh right, I totally forgot to mention this earlier (I think) but they pretty much outright told us, at least in LA, not to ask for other things to be signed/to be quick because his flight to Vancouver was leaving in just a couple of hours... so this kind of leads me to believe that we didn't get as much face-time with him as there will be/was at the other venues

I was the first of the two of us to go up and he said “hi” and attempted to read my name. He then, adorably I must say, tried to read my name as, “Cat-tea? Kahi?” to get the general gist of it down, which had me giggling instantly.  

I told him, “It’s pronounced Katie,” while trying to stifle my giggles and he apologized really quickly and said, “it looks like K-A-H-I.” 

Handler, “it really does look like a bit like an ‘h’.”

Me, “Yeah, it does look kind of like an ‘h’ but it’s K-A-T-T-I.” [yes, I spell my name a bit oddly, though it’s not my full name, but it’s my English teacher’s fault from years ago lol. She spelled it like that on something and I was like, “wow I like how that looks” and started spelling it like that.]

Handler, “but hey, if it was Kahi that’d be a pretty cool name.”

Me, “yeah it really would be!”

Jin, “I’m really sorry.”

I then waved my hand and said, “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, my handwriting is atrocious” while laughing.

He and the handler immediately began laughing adorably which leads me to believe that he either a) knows the meaning of atrocious, in which case I’m proud of him or b) he doesn’t know the meaning but figured out what I meant from the context. Either way I’m pretty proud he figured it out lol and if he didn’t know it then maybe I taught him a new word. Though I wanted to suggest he start learning some new cusses in English but didn’t… 

It was then picture time and I nearly jumped out of my skin when he put his hand on my waist because I’m pretty awkward with hugs etc. and was not expecting it whatsoever. Managed not to jolt or freak out and thus cause him to freak out so I’d call that a success of some sort lol. Hopefully the picture turned out alright because I’m so horrible in pictures all the time lol. I’m also pretty sure my silver, sequined dress was probably glowing in it as well. Before I walked up so Mec could go have her turn he gave me a hug which was nice because he gives awesome hugs. He was also really warm and it was starting to get pretty cold in Club Nokia because all the people had left and I was cold at that point. 

Mec went up next and I believe she handed him a congratulatory card concerning his wedding etc. She thanks him, posed for the picture and then started to walk off without getting her hug. He called her back with,” Gimme/Give me a hug?” and so she got her hug in the end and admitted with a bit of embarrassment, “I gave him a bit of a squeeze with the hug.” Which I don’t see any issue with because he gave me a bit of a squeeze-hug as well.

Sorry if this is super typo-ridden and feel free to poke me to clarify certain portions. I wrote most of this on my cell-phone following the concert while exhausted. The rest was written and edited while I’m now exhausted and rather ill so, apologies! 

I’ll be heading up to SF on Friday to meet up with some friends for the first time and attend the SF concert as well so I’ll try and get that report up a lot faster ^^

P.S. Just a reminder, all my con-reports etc. are unlocked and thus available even if you haven't added me/aren't a member. But do please ask before you post this anywhere etc.

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