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Alright so here's a warning. I'm probably going to be updating and editing this as I remember things in the coming days/ check videos etc and remember exactly what happened. I went with some friends and I know one got some fairly comprehensive videos of the event.

Also, I'm really sorry! I was supposed to be tweeting throughout the event (and they didn't tell me not to!) but my phone suddenly went from nearly a full battery to in the red zone meaning I could only get a few tweets out before it basically died completely :/ it's never done this before and I've only had it maybe 2 months so I might have to get it looked at. So because of this I don't have the backing of my tweets to write this report and so it probably won't be a comprehensive as I would like... because my memory is horrible.

At this moment I'm editing some stuff in I just remembered so you might want to hit refresh soon to see it...

Edits after the first post are marked by ***

Fan-Report )

We also probably missed parts of what he said as well. My Japanese is a bit precarious because I'm out of practice... plus the translator was trying to keep up with him and occasionally would have to speak over his feed and probably missed translating quite a few lines, so check a lot of different repos (English and Japanese ones/translated Japanese ones) if you want a good idea of what happened! If I get a chance I'll post up links to my friends photos and videos!

I'm sorry for all the constant edits! Whenever I hit "Post"/"Save Entry" I remember something else ^^;

*** I thought I'd post this up. I attended the event with [ profile] chuengsujun and she has her videos and pictures up here: click♥. I'm sure all of you have found any videos/etc. you want but I figured I'd go ahead and link this here ^^


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