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Hey's it's Ayame here ^^; this journal is officially going friend's only by November 20, 2010. All of my fics have been moved to another community: [ profile] aya_magic (naming credit to [ profile] lilkraftykat ). All updates will be found there (and updates on progress of fics should I mention them). Make sure to visit the Welcome Post first please for the basic info on how to navigate etc. :Db

Please comment to warn me when you add me. I need to be more careful about random adds but I'm completely welcome to getting to know new people.

If for some reason you want access to one of my posts here that is now completely locked (meaning only I can view it) message me or leave a comment about it. I dunno, maybe some of you will want to see your AU table prompts or something. I'm pretty open about it so if you have a legitimate reason I probably won't refuse ^^.

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Alright so I'll probably be writing this in odd random bursts as I remember so don't expect much coherency from me, as always. Though I know Mec is expecting some epic typos because I'm using Swype for this. At some point Swype put “Beijing” instead of whatever I wanted to say and now I have no idea what I was talking about. I’m also really sorry about the long delay in getting this up. I’m currently preparing my apartment to be left for a few months and getting things ready to take home as well.concert report this way )

Sorry if this is super typo-ridden and feel free to poke me to clarify certain portions. I wrote most of this on my cell-phone following the concert while exhausted. The rest was written and edited while I’m now exhausted and rather ill so, apologies! 

I’ll be heading up to SF on Friday to meet up with some friends for the first time and attend the SF concert as well so I’ll try and get that report up a lot faster ^^

P.S. Just a reminder, all my con-reports etc. are unlocked and thus available even if you haven't added me/aren't a member. But do please ask before you post this anywhere etc.

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I know I'm posting again really soon after my last one but I just found out my friend entered Jin's Sun Burns Down video so please do me a favor and go check it out? She always has a brilliant sense of humor and I figured I'd help spread the word that she entered.

So f-list, do me a favor and give the video a watch? It might be better to click into the video so the views get counted, apparently there are some issues with view-counts concerning youtube and embedded videos. I just though you might like to see the preview of it.

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Alright so here's a warning. I'm probably going to be updating and editing this as I remember things in the coming days/ check videos etc and remember exactly what happened. I went with some friends and I know one got some fairly comprehensive videos of the event.

Also, I'm really sorry! I was supposed to be tweeting throughout the event (and they didn't tell me not to!) but my phone suddenly went from nearly a full battery to in the red zone meaning I could only get a few tweets out before it basically died completely :/ it's never done this before and I've only had it maybe 2 months so I might have to get it looked at. So because of this I don't have the backing of my tweets to write this report and so it probably won't be a comprehensive as I would like... because my memory is horrible.

At this moment I'm editing some stuff in I just remembered so you might want to hit refresh soon to see it...

Edits after the first post are marked by ***

Fan-Report )

We also probably missed parts of what he said as well. My Japanese is a bit precarious because I'm out of practice... plus the translator was trying to keep up with him and occasionally would have to speak over his feed and probably missed translating quite a few lines, so check a lot of different repos (English and Japanese ones/translated Japanese ones) if you want a good idea of what happened! If I get a chance I'll post up links to my friends photos and videos!

I'm sorry for all the constant edits! Whenever I hit "Post"/"Save Entry" I remember something else ^^;

*** I thought I'd post this up. I attended the event with [ profile] chuengsujun and she has her videos and pictures up here: click♥. I'm sure all of you have found any videos/etc. you want but I figured I'd go ahead and link this here ^^

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I’m going to do a separate post for the performances etc. so please look forward to that, this’ll mainly be focused on Jin and the other guest judges during the event. Also, sorry if there are any typos of things that don’t make sense here! I’m still extremely tired (and still quite sick) so I probably mucked up a few things.
Ok let’s see how well I can remember Kollaboration from last night. If you follow me on twitter and were following me last night a lot (probably all?) of this info won’t be at all new to you because instead of writing notes in my notebook I decided to just tweet as stuff was happening. The security guard to my right really didn’t give a damn what I was doing during the whole show, even though he was like 1 foot away. People all around me were doing video recordings and using flash photography and he never said a thing lol.
Alright, so sadly I can’t give you much of my own photos. I’m trying to figure out when this happened but apparently my camera’s shutter speed was set to a slower setting. I don’t know if that means anything to any of you but basically it means if my target was moving, or I even barely moved, in the conditions we were in, my photograph was mucked up. So basically all of my photos were screwed up. I wasn’t even aware this could be altered on my camera because from my experience you usually can’t do it on point and shoot style cameras… I’m guessing this happened at some point because I have a touch screen camera and I guess something hit it and changed the settings, idek.
I had a few issues getting to Nokia Theatre early so I didn’t get to see the Red Carpet like the girls I was with did. I arrived a little after 7 when everyone was taking their seats, and considering how my day had gone I’m surprised I even made it that early @.@
A recap of what the girls told me about what happened before I arrived:
They arrived early and signed up for (correct me if I’m wrong, I think this is what they did) going to the lower lounge where the red carpet event was going to be held. They really didn’t publicize that there would be a red carpet at all so apparently there weren’t too many fans there. When Jin came out apparently he seemed a bit nervous but he did do an interview (or was it multiple ones?). The rope that was between the fans and the media personnel apparently was knocked down so everyone rushed forward and some amazing photos and videos were taken.
After he left, the girls then went ahead to find their seats and we were all grouped in the first two rows of seats. All the judges though, were about 5-6 rows behind us in orchestra seats, we totally should have kept our orchestra seats instead of switching to pit! But they did have a better view of the whole stage from there.
Oddly enough, even before the judges all came out, and when people were still early in taking their seats, Jin came to his seat. The girls and some other girls went back to see him, where apparently he was filling out some forms for Kollaboration. Apparently though, he didn’t have a pen with him and a fan who had come over gave him hers to use. Also, apparently the media were taking pictures of the fans… taking pictures of Jin as he filled out forms.
Alright, so this ends the part where I wasn’t at Club Nokia yet, but from what I heard Jin was being his usual adorable self throughout all of this.
To start off the show we had an opening performance (and I swear I’ll come back later and fill in the names of all the groups and performers I mention but I need to find my pamphlet from last night ^^;). It was a cute piece about, and this is a direct quote, “About school, studying… and how much we hate it.”
The host then came out and after a bit began to introduce all the guest judges, though there seemed to be some confusion at this point as to when and where exactly they were going to walk in from and with the lighting at whatnot. We spotted all the guest judges lurking over in a dark corner though, waiting to walk in, and because they were in such a dark corner it was basically impossible to get any pictures of them. We actually spotted them first because of Jin’s beanie and outfit.
Eventually the judges each walked out individually to their seats, which were behind us so it was rather hard to keep tabs on all of them. None of them said anything, sadly, and this would continue to be a trend throughout the night. There was also very little/no interaction from what we could tell between the judges all night because instead of them being position next to each other they were positioned in a column behind each other.
Jin seemed a bit nervous as he had to walk out and over to his seat, just as we would expect from him. During the performances you couldn’t see much of him because he was taking notes and writing down scores the whole time. He also continued to wear his sunglasses throughout all the performances, but I don’t know if I blame him because I was blinded quite a few times by some of the stage lights @.@. But he definitely reminds me of a classmate of mine. He’s in my chemistry lab and even though class is from 6-9pm he wears sunglasses inside the whole time. But that’s a random tangent, ignore me.
We all know Jin adores children, and one of the groups was a dancing group/organization with a goal to inspire children and teenagers to excel through getting them involved in dance and other things to help keep them out of trouble. There was the main, older group, but during their performances they brought out increasingly younger dancers to perform and they were amazing. Jin seemed to find them positively adorable as well.
Jin kept kind of ducking down behind Kelly Hu, who was another guest judge, and I honestly couldn’t tell if it was because of nerves, him just slouching, or because he was doing some serious notetaking. Or, my personal joke theory, maybe he was intensely intimidated by her (she was gorgeous) and was hiding. Who knows.
On a side note, the host during a break started calling out celebrities etc. who were in the audience that night and were sitting in the special guests’ section in orchestra seating behind us. Bai Ling was a couple rows behind us and her outfit was amazing, and so sparkly… *_____*
The host also then gave a shout out to the judges and specifically called Jin by name. I’m pretty sure he did this because Jin kind of shrunk in his seat when the attention was drawn to the judges.
Jin really seemed to enjoy Clara C’s guest performance. I don’t blame him, she did an amazing performance and was so adorable. Clara C. was the winner from last year’s Kollaboration btw.
The host hen came back out with um… Shin Ramen packages. If you don’t know what those are… they’re like those Top Ramen/Maru-chan/etc. ramen packages that you just boil and add seasoning to. He threw some out into the audience and this seemed to amuse the guest judges, as it really amused us. It was an interesting moment in the show. He then announced intermission.
The guest judges apparently ducked out a minute or so early so avoid being mobbed. One moment he was there and the next time I looked back when intermission started he was gone. A smart move on their part.
Immediately a ton of his fans rushed over to his seat and I will admit… Mary and I got pictures of us sitting in his seat for fun. He also apparently left his soda sitting in his cup-holder, which may or may not have been a smart decision on his part. I can’t imagine he continued drinking from it after intermission though… Mary, Therysa, and I wondered if anyone had been bold enough to try it and I certainly hope not! Pretty sure it wasn’t any booze though because I would have been able to smell it from a good distance away. Which sounds really odd but I could smell the beer the people like 10 seats to our right were drinking as soon as they sat down.
After intermission, the judges came back in just as After School Special was starting their performances. Jin was immediately mobbed by fans and security told us to go back to our seats when we briefly tried to go get a picture of him.
Ok so I’m going to talk about the Freestyle Audience Singing competition in the other post I’ll make later but the Freestyle Audience Dance competition is relevant to this post.
Alright, so at Kollaboration they have a section that the audience can participate in if they want. During intermission if you want to enter the small singing or dancing competition you sign up and I think 6 people get to go compete in the finals. The prize is $100 and one other thing more relevant to which competition you won (like in the dancing competition they won a $100 giftcard for Vlado shoes).
So one of the competitors was a 4 year old girl who is apparently on the show Modern Family? I’ve never seen it but I think her name is Aubrey? I was having trouble hearing names because the bass was ridiculously strong where we sat. Apparently her mum has performed as a guest for Kollaboration in the past and Aubrey was going to be in the dancing competition.
Jin seemed to think she was the most adorable little thing ever, he had the hugest smile when she was performing because even I agree, she was cute and he does adore children.
After this, they brought up another guest performer who was a stand-up comedian, I promise I’ll get names up soon! A lot of his topics centered around sex and whatnot, which must have been awkward for some people in the audience ^^; but at one point he was discussing names he had “considered” for his son, who is 2 years old now, and he said he wanted him to be a leader of the Asian people and whatnot so he had considered… Martin LutherKim or maybe even Abraham Linkim, which his wife shot down each time. He then said he named him Solomon, from the bible, who was a great king and had (don’t quote me on this, I don’t remember the actual numbers) 600 wives and like 300 concubines and… “My son, he’s going to be an Asian, sexy pimp, like our Jin Akanishi Here!”
After another guest performance it was G.NA’s time to perform, and sadly I couldn’t get any reactions from Jin for you, it was a bit too dark over the audience…
Oh, I almost forgot. Jin kind of took off his sunglasses during some of the performances, but while I say that he didn’t really take them off. During quite a few of the performances he would reach up and move his sunglasses up so he could look up at the stage from under them. Not particularly interesting but I thought I’d mention it, and no. Sadly the hat never did come off.
Alright, so eventually we got to the end where they were going to announce the winner of the competition and all the judges were called up onto the stage. However, they were all kind of hiding in the corner of the stage and none of them particularly interacted with each other, but instead spoke a bit with some of the competitors around them. Jin was particularly elusive and people kept shifting and moving in front of him so that was a bit of a bust.
In the end, none of the judges said anything on stage or really at any point during the whole event. I was surprised, I thought they’d at least give some critiques or something about each group. They loitered a bit on stage after things were wrapped up, posing for pictures with the competitors and performers and whatnot, but of course always with their backs turned to those who were still meandering in the audience.
That’s really all there is to it… oh I forgot to mention. I really couldn’t see much of Ryan during the whole show, only a few snatches and never anything particularly interesting. Like the other judges he was constantly taking notes/marking down his opinions etc. There was one moment when I turned back to see if I could see what he was doing, because some friends wanted me to keep an eye on him, and he looked at me an arched an eyebrow at me lol. So obviously I turned back around.
I’m sure we’ve now learned our lesson about getting the pit seats over the premium orchestra seats. I’m sure if I had kept my prem orchestra ticket it actually would’ve been both easier to see the whole stage and keep tabs on the judges. We were SO close to the stage that it was actually quite difficult to see the centre of the stage, where the main performers were, so that was rather disappointing. So, if you ever go to Kollaboration and it’s in Nokia theatre…. Don’t get first row seats! You won’t be able to see the stage very well.
All and all, even though I didn’t get to see much of Jin, mainly because of LA’s traffic and some other issues, it was tons of fun and I got to meet some great people of course. The performances were all amazing, and hopefully I’ll remember to put up a post about those if you’re at all interested, and I’d probably go again JUST to see the performances… but I definitely wouldn’t spend the extra  money to get pit seats, I would just go premium orchestra.

Edit: I almost forgot to say! If I get permission from the girls I'll add links to the pictures and videos they took.

Edit 2: Whoops, sorry for the edits, I hope you'll be able to see them... anyway, I forgot to mention. The interview I know Jin did for sure seemed to have been with the same person who interviewed him at the Harold and Kumar 3 premiere, and thus I'm sure it'll be going up on youtube sometime soon!
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I normally don't post about things like this, especially because of how many of you do not live in the US, but this is just making my blood boil. I don't see how it could possibly be right for other people to be able to dictate what I do with my body, or any other woman's body, to basically force them into going through pregnancy. And as I said to a friend, if birth control pills are ever somehow made illegal (and it seems very far-fetched that this could happen, but all it takes is for this to somehow get through in one state and then be taken to the supreme court and have things snowball from there), I am either obtaining them illegally and anyone who disagrees can go fuck off of my business or I am just leaving the country because this is ridiculous.

Also, apparently there's already work on getting this put on the ballot in Ohio as well, they're working on getting signatures of support and they're already planning/working on getting such things started in all the other states.

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honesty meme
I always forget to do these memes sooo... here we go?

Oh and here's a beach pic I took between appointments yesterday.
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So I stumbled across this ages ago in my search for JE offers in the [ profile] help_japan  posts but I'm forgetful and had issues finding the link again. This is a simple way to give your help to Japan, all it requires is a picture.

For every picture [ profile] arizonaicerose receives at this post HERE she will donate $1 to charity for Japan.

I know a lot of people probably want to help in some way but maybe can't donate or donate much because of financial constraints but this is an easy and fast way to help. $1 increments might not seem like much but if you can help spread the word and put up pictures yourself in order to donate then a lot more money can be raised than you might think at first!

The picture doesn't need to be of your face, it doesn't even necessarily need to be of you! All it needs is to have "From the internet with love" in it somewhere. You can even give multiple pictures, just try and make each one unique

I will be posting up pictures soon I hope (my camera cord was left at my apartment but I shall be returning tomorrow) and I hope you all will join in and send your own pictures! And please, help spread the word!
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Bidding has officially ended: If you've won an offer you should already have been contacted or shall soon be contacted regarding your donation/procedure etc. I can't wait to see how much money was managed to be raised so I hope you'll get donations/etc in soon!

Offers and bids have officially started over at [ profile] help_japan  [Ryo/Junno]

Translation Requests
Going News and Sports Program Translation (Kame's part only 1/2 hour max, will provide link) by [ profile] ldgchiaki [J->E]
B.I.Shadow pages from POTATO 4-2011,Shadow West from POTATO4-2011 by [ profile] king_kun  [J->E]
 Offering Art and Artistry: If you'd like to participate in the auction by offering art - such as fanart, original art, fan videos, photography, and related stuff - please comment here with what you're offering. [Please make sure to differentiate between this category and the Offering Graphics category]
A4-sized Inked Drawing by [ profile] say_o_kay   at dA [Johnny's Entertainment]
A4-sized Inked Drawing by [ profile] say_o_kay   [see above]
Digital Art by [ profile] shuu_cream (examples)
Chibi Art by [ profile] shuu_cream (examples)
1000x1500 pixel digital art, up to 3 characters by [ profile] snow_guardian  (examples)
Small Doujinshi of at least 2 pages by [ profile] snow_guardian   (examples) [JE- prefers KAT-TUN, NEWS or Arashi]
Up to two characters, inked, greytone, or colored by [ profile] tatsuya_bocchan  at dA

5 chibi stickers or bookmarks by [ profile] sinonymity (examples 1 2 3)

Fanvideo/OST  Offers
Fanvids by [ profile] dungbrains (examples 1 2) [KAT-TUN]
Up to 5 fanvids by [ profile] kavikalphawolf (examples)
5 fanvids by [ profile] kurarpikt (examples)
Fanvids (top 3 bidders in) by [ profile] tatoeba (example 1 2 3)
Fanvid/OST for fanfic by [ profile] tppwendy
Two Fanvids by [ profile] xmarysevx (examples)

Figurine Offers
Chibi clay figurine by [ profile] fr_gal  (examples)

Offering Audio Work: If you'd like to participate in the auction by offering audio work - podfics, audio editing services, original music, filks, fanmixes, and related stuff - please comment here with what you're offering.

Podfic Offers
Podfic up to to 20,000 words by [ profile] adistantsun [Primarily KAT-TUN]
Podfic up to 10,000 words by [ profile] hikarinoniji 

Fanmix Offers
Fanmixes by [ profile] inscrupulaties  and [ profile] jsharia  (examples) [JE+J-dramas listed]
Offering Interesting Stuff: If you'd like to participate in the auction by offering something else that hasn't been covered in the other offering posts - such as jewelry, crafted items, memorabilia, gift cards, and related stuff - please comment here with what you're offering.

Figurine Offers
Wooden Chibi dolls with accessories by [ profile] gina84 (examples)
Handmade Eito figures (clay) by [ profile] impynymph (examples)

Concert/Show Goods Offers
Dream Boys 2008 postcard set of 3 by [ profile] therese_chan 

Doujinshi Offers
Nobuta wo Produce Doujinshi by [ profile] siren_no_oto 

Badge Set Offers
Pin badge set from BANDAGE by [ profile] rindiggfelt 

Translation Offers
Japanese to English translation (top 3 bidders win) by [ profile] rindiggfelt 
Japanese to English translation of magazine articles/blog entries (5 BIN offers) by [ profile] shatteredtenshi (examples)

Clothing Offers
Kanjani8 shirts as worn in their Excite and Spirits DVD by [ profile] pashoshi (example 1 & 2)
KAT-TUN Hyphen shirt (made in your t-shirt size) by [ profile] xxakame_loverxx  (t-shirt design)

Other Offers
JE-pillow case with group logo by [ profile] zombiezahn (example)
Fanmade Calendars of Kanjani8, NEWS, and KAT-TUN by [ profile] citraryo (Calendars 1 2 3 4 5 6)
Offering Food: If you'd like to participate in the auction by offering something good to eat - something homemade, something "local", some kind of gift pack, a case of Pocky, or related stuff - please comment here with what you're offering.

Offering Graphics: If you'd like to participate in the auction by offering graphics - icon sets, mood themes, journal or site layouts, PC or phone wallpapers, and related stuff - please comment here with what you're offering.

Icon/.gif offers 
KAT-TUN .gif by [ profile] birdieee
Set of 10 icons by [ profile] minka_g  (examples 1 2 3)
10 icons for every $1 by [ profile] myxstorie at [ profile] boys_in_cake 
Set of at least 15 icons by [ profile] pixisticks at [ profile] spiralgrin
set of 10 icons by [ profile] pyleapegg
10 icons or gifs by [ profile] starrshinee  [specifically mentioned j-pop and k-pop]
3 sets of 10 icons each by [ profile] xxgardenxx

Banners/Headers/etc Offers
2 LJ headers or 2 banners or 1 of each by [ profile] ayu_t  at [ profile] ponloquequieras
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Set of 4 wallpapers by [ profile] ayu_t  at [ profile] ponloquequieras (shared comm)

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If particular groups/pairings aren't listed please see their offer for details.

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Fic of at least 500 words by [ profile] annnimeee at click here
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Fic up to 1000 words by [ profile] pikira 

Offers of at least 1000 words

Fic of at least 1000 words by [ profile] angelshill
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Fic of 1500 words by [ profile] changetje at [ profile] euphoricfields
Fic of at least 1000 words (will take higher wordcount requests) by [ profile] death_note13  at [ profile] tortue_fics
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Fic of at least 1500 words by [ profile] falcom92 at [ profile] xunsanxmushoux [Kinki kids, Arashi, Gokusen]
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Fic of at least 2000 words by [ profile] paddyabroad at click here
Fic of at least 2000 words by [ profile] phoenix_zeal  at [ profile] crimsontaboo [Mainly KAT-TUN]
Fic of at least 2000 words (top 3 bidders win) by [ profile] pinkpapyrus at [ profile] kyakuhonka
Fic of at least 2000 words (top 2 bidders win) by [ profile] randomicicle at [ profile] inkroulette
Fic of at least 2000 words by [ profile] sanjihan at [ profile] electrictoad [NEWS, KAT-TUN]
Fic of at least 2000 words by [ profile] shinie165 at [ profile] ngocchi165 [NEWS]
Fic of at least 2000 words by [ profile] shinie165  at [ profile] hydrodynamics
Fic of at least 2000 words by [ profile] soundczech at click here
Fic of at least 2000 words (top 3 bidders receive fics) by [ profile] wrangler at [ profile] burritos
Fic of at least 2000 words by [ profile] xplodey_di  at [ profile] orchard_blossom or [ profile] penclicking
Fic of at least 2000 words by [ profile] yeska_noka  and [ profile] snowqueenofhoth at [ profile] yeska_noka [Johnnys Juniors]
Fic of at least 2000 words by [ profile] zheinpathos at [ profile] zheinwrites [Mainly Arashi, Kanjani8, and NEWS]

Offers of at least 3000 words:
Fic of at least 3000 words (top 2 bidders win) by [ profile] biggy_chan  at Ficlist
Fic of at least 3000 words (top 2 bidders win) by [ profile] sashjun at [ profile] pillow_verse 
Fic of at least 3000 words (2 available) by [ profile] winged_kame  at [ profile] orange_petals 

Offers of at least 4000 words:
Fic of at least 4000 words by [ profile] becroberts at [ profile] notaverse 
Fic of at least 4000 words by [ profile] winged_kame  at [ profile] orange_petals 

Offers of at least 5000 words
Fic of at least 5000 words by [ profile] apocryphalic /[ profile] binmusic at [ profile] jewelledhours or [ profile] apocryphalic
Fic of at least 5000 words by [ profile] prologuesized at ficlist
Fic of at least 5000 words by [ profile] kantamu at [ profile] kakutei
Fic of at least 5000 words by [ profile] korn_lotr_luver  at [ profile] forpetrichor 
Fic of about 5000 words by [ profile] ky_rin  at [ profile] chromatico  [KAT-TUN and Toma pairings]
Fic of at least 5000 words (top 2 bidders win) by [ profile] myxstorie at [ profile] japanese_romeo
Fic fo at least 5000 words by [ profile] nanyakanya at [ profile] lovedealer
Fic of at least 5000 words (top 2 bidders win) [ profile] pot_and_kettle
Another Fic of at least 5000 words (top 2 bidders win) by [ profile] pot_and_kettle
Fic of at least 5000 words by [ profile] razberrycreme [see offer for examples of work]
Fic of at least 5000 words by [ profile] trivialaffair at [ profile] trivialwriting [Arashi, Kanjani8, NEWS]
Fic of about 5000 words by [ profile] 0n3star at click here [Arashi, KAT-TUN, NEWS]

Offers up to 10,000 words
Fic up to 10,000 words by [ profile] hikarinoniji at click here

ers of at least 10,000 words
Fic of 10,000-15,000 words by [ profile] waxrose

Offers of unspecified length
Fic of unspecified length by [ profile] ashi_ga_demasu  at Ficlist [Akame]
Fic of unspecified length by [ profile] fazlyn_n  at click here [Kame-pairing]
Fic of unspecified length (top 4 bidders win) by [ profile] hilaryscribbles at [ profile] takethatsuckah
Fic of unspecified length by [ profile] iluvmatsujun at Ficlist
Fic of unspecified length by [ profile] mb_lucified
Fic of unspecified length by [ profile] reiicharu at [ profile] zerofairytails

Offers of any length
Fic of any length by [ profile] catskilt at [ profile] jewelledhours

Offers of drabbles
2 sets of 5 drabbles in English or Spanish by [ profile] ayu_t  at [ profile] a_fantasia
2 100 word drabbles by [ profile] ieja88 at click here
Drabble sets of 5 (top 3 bidders win) by [ profile] norilys
Ficlets of 300-500 words or timestamps of 300-500 words (up to 5 winners) by [ profile] shatteredtenshi at Ficlist

Other offers
Manuscript Copy of Fic 'Stages' by [ profile] adistantsun (Stages) [Akame]
Fic up to 20 M. Word pages by [ profile] akamesuki [Akame, Pikame, Kokame, Ryokame]
Handwritten fic of hers, any length (and 1 handwritten new fic of 1000 words) by [ profile] myxstorie at [ profile] japanese_romeo

Before bidding please check the FAQ post and this post before doing so please.

If you see any new offers pop up (or any old ones) that I missed please tell me and I'll add them to the list! Sadly I can't follow all the offers forever so there's a good chance I'll miss something! Also if any links aren't working properly/get mixed up please tell me and I'll do my best to fix them ^^

Other communities/auctions/lists:
[ profile] arashi_on  is doing their own auctions to help raise money for Japan here.
A list of all Super Junior authors offering fics here
An auction at [ profile] shinee_replay here.
Eito-centric list here.
[ profile] jefamily is doing an auction of their own here.
Visual-Kei/J-Rock/Lolita list here.
If you see any other auctions/lists/etc please drop me the link somehow and I'll add them to try and help spread the word a bit more!
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I happened to be browsing the omona FFA, why I'm not completely sure but I was... the question was raised:

If you had your own theme song that played every time you entered a room/etc what would it be? Regardless of how embarrassing what do you think?

I won't lie, I wouldn't mind the Item song from the Zelda games or the FFVII victory fanfare. Such a nerd xD

What about you guys? Or you know something I know the dance to: Seishun Amigo/Polyrhythm anyone?
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I'm sure by now everyone has heard the news about Japan. I certainly hope everyone you know has been able to make contact/has been accounted for. I'm still waiting to hear confirmation from some friends about their whereabouts but I'm certainly praying for the safety of all those affected.

As of my understanding Japan still hasn't officially requested aid internationally but a community has already been created and have started compiling a list of charities where donations will be marked specifically for Japan. They will be opening up for offers on March 14th: [ profile] help_japan .

Once things get opened up they're going to start opening first rounds for offers and bids. They may open up a lightning round at some point or other depending on what they decide. Here are the categories of offers:

Words [fanfic or origfic]
Art offerings [fanart or original art; everything except web graphics]
Graphics offerings [icons, site layouts, mood themes]
Audio [fan-related or original music]
Everything else [catch-all category: jewelry, crafts, clothing, etc.]

Current list of charities receiving donations and updated News here: clickie.

Their Auction Timetable is here: clickie.

Graphics to help promote the community and cause here: clickie.

Frequently Asked Questions section is here: clickie. [Also contains links to the other sections]

-- [Copied from their Schedule and Timetable Post]


> Auctions open: 14 March
> Auctions continue until: 26 March
> Final reminders re donations and completed bids: 28 March
> Auctions close: 31 March


I'm going to try and stay up to date on what's going on with this community. I have two essays to work on this weekend but I'll do my best to keep things up to date. I assume that the links I provided above will be updated as new information is made available but if not I'll try to update those links for the correct places or add more if necessary.

I'm going to keep praying for all the people who have been affected and I hope you all will help promote this cause.
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Now sorry to be spamming some of you (as I will be posting this in multiple places) with this but I know there are some authors on my f-list and I wanted to help advertise it and I hope you will help spread the word as well. It's at: [ profile] fandom_flood_ap. Here is some information in case I get anything wrong: Auction Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines.

And proceeds go to reputable charities in order to help after the floors in Australia and it has also been expanded to help New Zealand as well. I don't know if I will be joining because I don't know what my term will be like next quarter but I could try.

They have started their second round of auctions, there are two sections for offering: non-written works (meaning baked goods, a set of icons, etc anything that isn't written basically) and written works (including fanfics).

They are accepting offers until March 14th 11:00pm AEDT and bidding then starts immediately after that at 11:01pm AEDT and bidding closes on March 22nd.

The basic deadline for delivery of goods is April 11 but extended deadlines are allowed so long as you warn about it/agree with your recipient on the deadline.

So please help spread the word. I know we're all incredibly busy but as always it's a good cause. Chances are with my inability to resist things like this I'll end up offering something.

at [ profile] help_nz : Bidding will end on Sunday March 13, 2011 at 1am US EST (GMT-5)
[Arashi] Fic of 1,000 words or more by [ profile] littlealex 

at [ profile] fandom_flood_ap : bidding starts Monday, March 14th at 11:01pm AEDT
[Akame] Fic of 2,000 words of more by me...

Edit: The link to the community where the auctions are taking place has been fixed. I have also added in a link for all the rules, etc for easier access. I'm going to try and keep up with who submits any offers so don't be surprised if a list pops up the moment another JE offer is submitted.

Friend Cut

Nov. 15th, 2010 01:51 am
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Just did an initial friend-cut. I think I got the majority of people who I was unsure of ^^;

If you've found you've been cut from my f-list it's most likely because I thought you were here only for my fics. Seeing as those have been moved a few of you who had me friended had little reason to be here! However, it's also possible I'm wrong so if you'd like to be re-friended please comment on one of the non f-locked posts and I'll add you back (though hopefully we'll get to know each other a bit first).

For the most part I kept people who asked to be kept, I speak to on a normal basis, whatever reason I had xD, and if I'd heard from you recently!

If you no longer want to be a part of my f-list feel free to de-friend me, though maybe message me so I can remove you from my list as well. I realize that without my fics here a few of you probably have no reason to be here and I don't mind at all. I'm trying to keep things a bit more private here so I don't have to worry about what I post from time to time.
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